- KME approves logins of members who complete registration.

- First thing you must know is that KME do not accept free membership accounts. .

(We deliberately get rid of system manipulators & avoid malicious hawking within KME)

- To become our member you must pay a one-off registration fee of 25$ in bitcoins.

- Do not negotiate otherwise because KME is NOT coercing anyone to become a member.

- Please be notified that we are NOT selling Exchange packages. 

- ONLY KME Paid registered members can LOGIN TO DASHBOARD and TRADE.

Registration Process:-

- Enter your details on Sign-Up page & Submit.

(Immediately after sign-up Check your email account)

- Open the email message you received from KME. This email has a button indicated

PAY WITH BITCOIN. Click on this button and it redirects you to pay 25$ registration fees in bitcoin.

- Complete the payment and your Login will be approved soon after Blockchain confirmation.

- No schreenshot upload and No hash IDs required.

Send 50$ TBC Kringles to Trade:-

(About 5 kringles in Current Value)

- Login to Your Account Dashboard. 

- Copy KME TBC Wallet and Send your 50$ TBC Kringles.

- You shall be receiving 5$ every Week Until you finish your 50$ TBC.

Once you are KME member, Do not Buy Exchange Packages.

- Send 50$ worth of TBC Kringles to KME TBC wallet. 

- Receive 5$ Bitcoin every week.

KME is Sustainable, Reliable and Long Term.

- We only Trade your 50$ TBC Kringles

One Account 50$ TBC Trading

- If You want to trade more than 50$ TBC register multiple accounts.

After finishing your 50$ TBC Trade, what happens?

- Re-activate  Your 50$ TBC Trade. You pay 25$ in Bitcoin.

Trade until you are happy!

- Trading with KME do not end!

- You finish Trading your 50$ tbc to Bitcoin, You re-activate the Trade. 

More KME Benefits:-

- Refer a friend & Receive 5$ Instantly to your Bitcoin Wallet Upon successful Registration.

* You can have several accounts sponsored by one of your account and earn this 5$ bonus.

- For example, David refers Esther to join KME. Esther successfully becomes a KME member. INSTANTLY, David will receive 5$ to his Bitcoin wallet. This is earned once upon your referred member registration only. Share your sponsor Email with whoever you refer to KME to earn 5$ after successful membership with KME. 


- Do not refer if you are not an active KME Member.

- You can have multiple accounts. 

- You send your 50$ TBC Kringles after your LOGIN is APPROVED!

- KME shall be deducting Your TBC as you receive Bitcoins. Re-activate after you received a total of 50$ Bitcoins.


All Dreams Are Valid!