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Registration Process:-

- Sign Up (Immediately after sign up Check your email)

- Your Email Inbox (Open the email message you received from KME)

- Complete Registration

(The email you received has a button PAY WITH BITCOIN. Click and it redirects you to pay 25$ via bitcoin)

- Follow the Payment process and Your Account will be Approved soon after registration fee payment is confirmed on blockchain network.

Buy Product Or Exchange Package:-

After Registration & Your Account Approved You have Two Opportunity options to Participate with KME or Participate with Both Opportunities.

Opportunity Option 1

- Buy 1 Product Every Week. (Login to your Account to Order the Product. Choose the Product and Complete Payment)

- Note that we have Products that requires payment in partly bitcoin and partly TBC kringles and other products only require 100% Kringle payment.

- To view the prices of our products you must become a KME Member.

Opportunity Option 2

- Buy an Exchange Package via Bitcoin (You have 10 Packages to choose your package).

- KME offers 10 Paying and Affordable Exchange Packages.

Minimum Package is 100$ and Maximum Package is 1225$.

- KME Exchange Packages allows you to Exchange your TBC Kringles into Bitcoins Weekly for 3 Months.

- Renew Your Package after 3 Months Expiry.

- Withdraw & Receive Your Bitcoins Every Fridays and Saturdays (12.00 AM UTC).

- You can Upgrade your Package at anytime before it expires.

- One person can have several Registered accounts.

- You can use the same Bitcoin wallets if you have several Accounts.

More KME Benefits:-

- Earn 5% Referral Bonus Instantly to your Bitcoin Wallet

(Every time your referral buys an Exchange Package).

* You can have several accounts sponsored by one of your account and earn this 5% bonus.

- For example, David refers Esther to join KME. Esther buys 100$ Exchange Package. David will receive 5% of 100$. This means David Receives 5$ Bonus Instantly directly to his Bitcoin wallet.

- Exchange 1 Kringle equivalent to 10$ for Free to Your Bitcoin Wallet daily

(Refer more than 2 people to join KME daily).

* You can have 2 or more accounts sponsored by one of your account and exchange this 1 kringle to bitcoin instantly to your wallet.

- For example, David refers Esther and John to join KME and they are successfully registered as members. David shall receives 10$ to his Bitcoin wallet in exchange of 1 Kringle for free. - To qualify for the benefits you must be a KME member.