Article 1:

Kringle Money Exchange (KME) is a private trading system. We are a group of TBCians coming together to help ourselves to trade TBC against Bitcoin.  We operate online and our members trade online through KME website. We help KME members to foster the mission of abundance in the TBC community.

Article 2:

KME is not a bank, not a financial institution, not a financial advisor and not a registered company in any country. KME is not a multilevel marketing program and it is not a pyramid scheme. KME is just a peer to peer trade system.


Article 3:

KME is an online cash flow and community program that helps TBCians in the world to Trade their TBC Kringles to Bitcoin. KME do not force any person to join, therefore, to become a KME member is a voluntary decision.

Article 4:

What System is KME?

- KME is a CASH FLOW Based TRADING System.

- KME is a COMMUNITY Based TRADING System.

- KME is a PEER TO PEER Based TRADING System.

Article 5:

All members trade on a 50$ TBC Kringles (5 Kringles ONLY). We strictly believe that 1 account is 1 member whose trade is 50$ TBC Kringles. You may have multiple accounts if you wish to trade highter TBC amounts.


Article 6:

KME is built by people for people (by TBCians for TBCians). It is a community of TBCians.  TBCians join KME and becomes participants. As the KME community members everyone is respected, valued, trusted and supported.


Article 7:

To become a KME member you sign up, immediately check email after sign up and complete registration. You must pay 25$ registration non-refundable fee via Bitcoin before you get approved to login.

(You cannot login without registration payment).


Article 8:

Once your Account is Approved You send 50$ TBC kringles to KME tbc wallet

It is that Simple as 1 2 3...!

Once you are KME member, Do not Buy Exchange Packages.

- Send 50$ worth of TBC Kringles to KME TBC wallet. 

- Receive 5$ Bitcoin every week.

KME is Sustainable, Reliable and Long Term.

- We only Trade your 50$ TBC Kringles

One Account 50$ TBC Trading

- If You want to trade more than 50$ TBC register multiple accounts.

After finishing your 50$ TBC Trade, what happens?

- Re-activate  Your 50$ TBC Trade. You pay 25$ in Bitcoin.

Trade until you are happy!

- Trading with KME do not end!

- You finish Trading your 50$ tbc to Bitcoin, You re-activate the trade.


Article 9:

Trades withdrawals are paid automatically weekly after every 7 days 12.00 AM UTC. 

Article 10:

TBC/Kringle admins advocate that we introduce other people into TBC/Kringle Community. On the same path, we at KME has adopted the same ideology of promoting TBC and KME to TBCians. We encourage you to Spread KME and you earn 5$ for each of your referral who successfully becomes a KME member. Do not register a person if he or she is not paying the registration fees.

Article 11:

For every successful member you bring in to KME You receive the 5$ instantly to your bitcoin wallet immediately their registration fees confirmed on the blockchain network. This is earned once upon your referred member registration only. 


Article 12:

There are no refundable funds from KME. All registration fees and other fees are non-refundable. No guarantees. Please note that past payments do not guarantee future payments.


Article 13:

KME encourages every TBCian to educate yourself and others on the Kringle mission CLICK HERE because KME exists to support and spread the Kringle Mission. As said in article 12 we continue to emphasize that Present earnings do not predict future earnings. Exercise caution in your online programs.


Article 14:

You must be a TBCian to participate with KME. Each participant should be self steward financially and spend what you are comfortable to spend. Participate with Spare Money.


Article 15:

In any case TBC/KRINGLE creators close their websites or go inactive, KME is not and will not be liable to any loss rendered. We urge all TBCians and KME participants to take precaution in participating in any online cryptocurrency programs including TBC Platforms and KME.


Article 16:

KME is not responsible for any member who fails to adhere to rules stated in each article mentioned here. Before registering with KME, WE presume that you read our binding rules.  Each participant is responsible and is required that he or she adheres to every binding terms and conditions.


Article 17:

Members who cheat by providing false information to the public, falsely accusing KME or cheating in any form will be permanently blocked from accessing Our social platforms such as Telegram and facebook group. If Such member do not change or apologise in writing, he or she shall risk losing access to KME Accounts. Compromising such behavior will only ruin the future of KME.

Article 18:

KME reserve the right to upgrade/improve on 'how it works' and add/remove/change or amend any article mentioned as it deemed reasonable and of best interest to all participating members.  KME have the right to restart the business in any model deemed to sustain the business.

Article 19:

KME shall not abuse any member in writing. We act on integrity and we aspire to closely working with our members adopting TBC/Kringle coin as successful user-based cryptocurrency.

Article 20:

If you are in agreement with everything stated on each article (1-19), only then you can become a KME member. Welcome. 



All Dreams Are Valid!